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 The State of the Presidential Transition

Date: Thursday, February 16, 2017
Time: 6:30-8:30 pm
Location: Community Room at Valley View Center
13331 Preston at I-635, Dallas 75240

Wade Miller, south central region coordinator for Heritage Action, will speak on the state of the Presidential transition. He served in the United States Marine Corps and is an infantry combat veteran with multiple deployments including Iraq and the Horn of Africa. After completing his military service, Wade enrolled at The University of Texas at Dallas and majored in Political Science. While a student, he served as an intern for the President of The Heritage Foundation, then attended the American Enterprise Institute Summer Institute.

He will discuss how the new administration is doing in keeping its promises to the American people, and what else needs to be done. Some of the relevant topics might include repealing and replacing Obamacare, actions with regard to illegal immigration, and reducing the size and scope of the Federal government.

Check-in is at 6:30 and the meeting will start at 7.

A Punchbowl invitation will be sent out later this month, and we will also create a Facebook event. Meanwhile, you can RSVP by sending your name, zip code and email address to (please specify Heritage Action).

The location is the Community Room at Valley View Center, on the second (ground) level above the food court. We recommend entering the mall on the I-635 side between Sears and the old Foleys, at the entrance with the large American and Texas flags. Walk toward the center of the mall and bear left - the Community Room will be directly in front of you. We'd appreciate a $5 (or more) donation to help pay for the meeting room and our web site.

Here is a picture of the entrance to the meeting room:

We could use some financial assistance to create materials encouraging like-minded people in our area to make their voices heard and to help pay for this web site and our meeting room. Please consider making a non-tax deductible donation through Paypal - just click the donate button to the right. If you prefer to donate by check or cash, send an email with your contact information to with Donate in the subject line and we'll be in touch.

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