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Would you like to have a handful of these great business cards to give to your friends and neighbors?  They can be yours for the asking - just send an email with your contact information to info@FarNorthDallasTeaParty.org.

In November 2013, we hosted a very successful debate on the pros and cons of a Convention of States.

Several of our members participated in the DFW Day of Resistance at Flag Pole Hill, including Sandy Neff and Gail Spurlock, who was one of the speakers.

At our September 2012 meeting, Pastor Stephen Broden presented his organization, Constitutional Defenders of Texas, the violations of the Constitution by our government, and the redress that is available to us as citizens.

We conducted a very successful voter registration drive, including a registration table at the Waggin' Tails dog park in our area.

We presented a balanced budget amendment petition with over 1,000 signatures to Senator John Cornyn.

We hosted a highly successful judicial forum at the Richardson Civic Center, moderated by Dallas Tea Party co-founder Katrina Pierson and attended by a large contingent of Tea Party patriots.