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Tod Chapman

Tod Chapman was born in New Hampshire, grew up in Arlington, and has lived in Dallas for 20 years. He earned a BS in Computer Science Engineering from UTA in 1988 and currently works in sales for IAR Systems, the world leader in embedded software development tools. He previously was a software engineering, then moved into sales and sales management. He spends his spare time watching his kids play sports, relaxing with his wife and playing an occasional round of golf.

Tod is excited about what the Tea Party is accomplishing in awakening the American spirit and traditional values based in the Constitution of these United States, while adding a bit of common sense, which is less and less common these days.

Barry Curtis

Barry Curtis was born in Missouri into a military family. He traveled the world as an army brat but always returned to rural Oklahoma. He was the first black member of the College Republicans at the University of Oklahoma, where he worked tirelessly for Ronald Reagan’s re-election.

Barry and his business partner created a North Dallas business in 1995 that now generates millions in revenue. He describes himself as a Ronald Reagan conservative who believes in limited government, low taxation, and a strong military. Barry has been a powerful activist at the state and local levels for conservative causes. He founded The Curtis Initiative, a conservative think-tank that promotes family, faith, and freedom, and is the host of The Curtis Report, which airs Sundays from 5 to 6 on KLIF 570-AM.

Rod Jenkins

Rod Jenkins grew up in Oklahoma, earned a BS and MBA in the state university system, and passed the CPA exam. He moved to Dallas in 1984 and soon considered himself a true Texan. Rod retired in 2011 after a 40-year career in finance management.

Post-retirement he became the volunteer full time VP of Finance for the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, which offers Certificates and MAs to students dedicating their lives to translating the Bible into every language in the world. He says he is very blessed to be associated with such amazing young people. He is also active in his church and neighborhood association.

Rod managed to avoid being active in politics for almost his entire life, but a few years ago he realized he had screwed up and joined our Tea Party group. One of the founding fathers said we get the government we deserve, and Rod is trying to deserve a better one.

Sandy Neff

Sandy Neff is a second generation Dallasite, mother of three and grandmother of three. She retired after 35 years in fashion retail and has been a serious patriot since 2001. She participated in the first Tea Party event in Dallas and was one of over 5,000 at the Tea Party rally in downtown Dallas April 15th, 2009. That July 4th, an estimated 37,000 attended America's Tea Party at South Fork ranch, and Sandy was in charge of all the volunteers for that amazing event.

Early in 2010, Sandy joined the Dallas Tea Party 75248 group that had been started by Donna Starnes. Now we've expanded to Far North Dallas Tea Party with a few more zip codes and a lot more members, and Sandy is a vital part of our effort to fight for WE THE PEOPLE.

Craig Owen

Craig Owen was born and raised in Los Angeles. After graduating in 1992 with a BA in English from Stanford University, he has been involved in various aspects of the construction and property management fields.

He moved to Dallas in late 2014 and has been active in politics since his arrival. He believes that it is the duty of all citizens to inform themselves about the issues in order to vote responsibly. To that end, he believes the Tea Party performs an invaluable service to all concerned citizens through its activity and programming, which gives ordinary voters access to information often unavailable through other channels.

Donna Starnes

Donna Starnes has extensive experience as a financial planning adviser, corporate executive and entrepreneur. She advises small businesses and startups. Donna is a CPA and CFP and has a BA in economics from Rice and an MBA from SMU.

In recent years, she has been actively involved in politics and was the initial and very successful lead coordinator for Dallas Tea Party from zip code 75248, which is now part of Far North Dallas Tea Party. She resigned as lead coordinator to run for Dallas City Council District 12, and has worked on other candidates’ campaigns. She currently is in charge of new member communications for our group.

Donna strongly believes that abiding by principles such as personal responsibility and a focus on ethical means to achieve a goal are important characteristics of any leader. She has been married to fellow Far North Dallas Tea Party member Bill Starnes for 40 years and is a proud grandmother.