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If the Tea Party does not divorce itself from anti-abortion advocates (based on government getting our of our personal lives), it is being hypocrital. If it does not divorce itself from negative advertising (Karl Rove style), it is being dumb. If it does not present that it represents core American values, it is a negligible force. (Please, no more patriot, Colonial Soldier themes). Not incidentally, it is not being realistic. The Republican Party lost, in large measure, because it was not willing to get government out of our lives, at least the domestic parts. It lost the women's vote. To repeat, DO NOT ASSUME THAT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HOLDS THE IDEAS THAT TEA PARTY MEMBERS BELIEVE TO BE IMPORTANT.

With the re-election of the most radical president in our country's history, it is necessary to examine and influence policies locally and at the state level. In addition to the items checked off above, I am very concerned about local school board races and educational policies pursued at the state level. If Americans are truly educated about our country's history, they cannot vote for people like Barack Obama who have nothing but disdain, and in some cases outright contempt, for this country and what made the U.S. a super power in the world and a great influence for freedom and liberty.

They are all important, but really it depends on how much time you have. - Get educational events and emails about the what and why of the Tea Party. 2010 was great, 2012 not so much. Why the divide? What happened? - Coordinate with other tea parties so that we have one voice.

All are excellent topics and projects.

Urge our congressmen to support the FairTax HR25.

I could have checked every one of these boxes. In discussions with friends, family, and co-workers who support a return to conservative federalism, there is a general feeling of being overwhelmed; that there are so many battlefronts being opened up on us as individual concerned citizens that we are discouraged. We want to be engaged in this effort, but we realize there is no way to do this on our own - so we are seeking ways to serve within a local Tea Party group. We aren't flashy or charismatic, but we want to do what we can to nurture a return to our founding principles.

I have a number of interests True the Vote, Track Executive Orders and monitor impact, Agenda 21 and it's progression through the state, educate with Jeanine Turner of interest...thank you.

Secure the borders. Revise the immigration law that will stop anchor babies. That law is misinterpreted and out of date. It was for slaves.

One of the issues that is faced in the lack of young presence in the Tea Party. One way that this could be achieved is to increase the social networking presence of the Tea Party and its ideas. One of the ways this can be done also solves one of the problems mentioned in the newsletter, the need for a physical location for meetings. There are now tools that allow for presentations on the Web, most of them free, that allows one to hold meetings without a physical presence and also allows for interaction from the audience. Google has one called Google+ Hangouts, where one can share slides and be sitting in front of one's computer. People can send questions and interact with the presenters as well. When a topic that is of the interest of young people is discussed the Tea Party could coordinate with conservatives on campuses to have the meeting either broadcast on their own meetings or people could login from home and watch the discussion. In the case of Dallas there must be conservative organizations in UTD, SMU, UNT, TCU, TWU, etc. that could potentially be reached out to.